Wednesday, December 7

Trolls True Colors

I’ve been doing movie tie-in promotions for most of my career, so I have to admit that I have a soft spot for them. I just love seeing how a brand can tie its equity to the essence of a movie.

Johnson & Johnson Baby Products with Disney. Been there. Spider Man with Kellogg’s.  Done that.

Which is why I’ve been loving watching the roll out of merchandise tie-ins for the new movie Trolls. The film is all over the place from food to furnishings to clothing to accessories to beauty care.

And even paint. Yes, paint.

True Value Hardware is running a promotion for paint that’s been inspired by the True Colors of the Trolls movie. I’ve personally never noticed the paint selection at True Value, but perhaps I’ve misunderstood. And perhaps that's the point of this promotion: to raise awareness of the selection of quality paints at True Value. Score! This promotion is clever and creative, putting the brand squarely in the colorful world of coloring your world...helping them show their true colors if you will.

And I just love the retail display, captured by my smartphone.

What’s your experience?  JIM

PS - Just for fun, the True Colors theme song from the movie. Those of us who have been around long enough will recognize the lyric. A little something for everyone, I suppose.

Tuesday, December 6

amazon Goes Retail!

I've been amazed by the progress that amazon has made in the retail world...on so many fronts.

Here's a post I wrote for Huffington Post. Click here to give it a read.

What's your experience?  JIM

Sunday, December 4

Pay Attention!

I wrote this article for Huffington Post, about this powerful piece of advertising called "Evan." You can read the article here, or just watch the film below.

The message is attention.

What's your experience? JIM

Friday, December 2

Brazil, and the World, Mourns

I've been in Brazil all week, visiting our agency's new office in Sao Paulo. I've been here many times the last couple of years, but there's been no trip quite like this. Not only have I been able to spend more time here than ever before, but I've also been a small part of the tragic loss of one of the country's futbol teams from this week's plane crash in Colombia.

It's been heart-breaking to hear about. A true tragedy.

It's also been heart-warming to see the sport's and the world's reaction to the tragedy as well.

Wednesday night, the night that would have been a game between two South American futbol rivals, turned into an international tribute of unity as two rival teams/countries came together in the stadium to mourn, in front of thousands and thousands of people who shared their grief. Grief that hits the world stage.

Which is exactly how the world should behave. Sure, we can be rivals and we can spare against each other. But eventually we should come together as well, especially during a tough time. During any time.

I'm honored to have been in this great country at this moment, and I share in the great loss.

What's your experience? JIM.