Tuesday, October 16

Virgin's All LGBTQ Flight

Virgin Atlantic just started selling tickets for its first-ever "Pride Flight" scheduled for next year's World Pride event for the end of June 2019, marking the 50th Anniversary of Gay Pride.

PrideFlight is just one flight from Heathrow to Newark, and it features an all LGBTQ crew complete with (lots of) entertainment.

"Come get fabulous at 30,000 feet!"

It's truly a fabulous idea, and I'm betting one that we will start to see more and more of: themed flights to make the flying experience a shared experience. This one's for Gay Pride, but you can imagine many a destination themed flight being a blast....Carnaval, Disney, etc.

Great way to build an experience and an affinity for an airline.

What's your experience? JIM.

RIP Mr. Turk

One of my favorite fashion designers, Mr. Turk, just passed away at the very young age of 55 (my age, actually). His death was a result of a swimming accident he suffered over Labor Day weekend in Hawaii. Oh dear. You never know when live is going to take a turn.

Sending condolences to his family.

Jonathan Skow (aka Mr. Turk) is credited with defining Palm Springs men's style, and I personally have a collection that spans shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, and swimwear. I love his swimwear!

My husband and I bought a place in Palm Springs just a few years ago and we now call it home, in addition to New York. I can honestly say that one of the things I love about Palm Springs is the style, of which Mr. Turk is largely responsible.

I will truly miss him. His social feeds are so much fun and certainly inspiring from a fashion sense. We shop his store with great frequency. I certainly do hope that he lives on in his legacy, and that the fashion never stops.

RIP Mr. Turk. You are pretty amazing.

What's your experience? JIM.

PS - Jonathan Skow's wife, Trina Turk, created her fashion line first which is equally amazing for women. Hence the brand name, Mr. Turk. I hope that this tragedy doesn't slow her down. Sending hugs.

Friday, October 12

"Queen" by Nike x Serena Williams

Speaking of Virgil Abloh....as in my post yesterday about the Vuitton's designer work on LVMH luggage brand Rimowa...I've got another of his collaborations to talk about today. This one not quite so luxe, but still very deluxe!

I'm talking about the Queen Collection at Nike that features Virgil Abloh in collaboration for Serena Williams. Three titans in one mash up! If you missed it, the line debuted at the U.S. Open this year.

We saw the tennis tutu seen 'round the world at the U.S. Open for sure...

Well there's actually an entire collection to be seen...

The bag got me...

Fashion meets sports meets performance. Love it.

What's your experience? JIM.

Thursday, October 11

Vuitton Propels Rimowa

You may not be readily familiar with the luxury luggage brand Rimowa, and you may not be aware that it is owed by LVMH (as in the company that owns Louis Vuitton). But I can tell you that it's on many a celebrity's A-list and on many other's wish-list.

I'm betting you soon will be hearing more and more, as LVMH puts the push behind Rimowa in an effort to propel it even more forward.

In the brand's quest to become more well known for its luxe, Rimowa has been collaborating with Vuitton designer du jour Vigil Abloh who is currently propelling Vuitton's men's line. His work is getting a lot of attention.

With refreshed design features and a tweaked logo, Vigil recently released a video talking about travel, with his Rimowa in tow (but of course). Take a look:

Earlier in the year, Rimowa also did a collaboration with New York skate brand Supreme, to much fanfare (fans literally gobbled it up!).

I'm betting we are going to see even more from this 120-year old brand who may just be hitting a new stride!

What's your experience? JIM.