Friday, February 15

Lincoln Honors Lincoln

It's Presidents Day on Monday, 2/18, and lots of brands will be "celebrating" with weekend sales. But one brand in particular is taking the holiday a bit more seriously.

Lincoln. As in the car brand that bears President Lincoln's name.

The brand came out with this beautiful piece of film, honoring its name sake:

Timely, relevant, ownable...good branding. Also love how the film modernizes the icon. And I believe that it's the first time, in a real way, that the brand has tied itself to Mr. President, which to me makes a whole lot of sense. There's a lot of borrowed equity there, so why not use it.

Is there an opportunity to borrow equity for your brand? What's your experience? JIM

Thursday, February 14

New Zara Logo - It's the Kerning!


If you don't know the design term "kerning" yet then you will now ... it's the spacing between letters in a logo or design element.

The Spanish fashion retailer Zara is certainly showing us what kerning is all about in its new logo, the brand's first update since 2011.

Essentially, the letters are squeezed together and elongated. The "kerning" is reduced dramatically.

Drama! Designers the world over took to social media to weigh in, and many weren't so complementary. One in particular asked if the logo had been designed by AI robots!

A logo is always a tricky thing to update as it's soften met with upset at first and then we quickly get used to it and move on. This will likely be the same with the new Zara logo.

BTW, if you don't know this either ... Zara is a huge retailer worldwide with 2,200 stores in 96 countries! Huge!

What's your experience? JIM

Wednesday, February 13

#KillerSkin from Olay

Of all the categories that I've worked in, beauty remains my favorite. I can't even necessarily pinpoint why, but it's likely because it's the height of the emotional benefit and the perfect example of how marketing can make or break a brand. Certainly not the only category where this is true, but certainly one of the most fun...from a marketing standpoint, and also from a consumer standpoint where participants love to experiment with new products.

Also what makes it fun is that every once in awhile something comes along that breaks the cadence of the category, and we stand up and notice.

This recent spot from Olay during the Super Bowl certainly breaks the norm of the category, with humor and a unique way to not only show the functional benefit of the product, but the emotional side as well. Plus a great sense of humor.

Take a look at #KillerSkin:

Don't we all want #KillerSkin?!? Great use of celebrity too. Pretty clever in my book. Bet we're going to be seeing it online, in store, and at The Oscars!

What's your experience? JIM.

Monday, February 11

Gay Dads in AT&T Commercial

I'm hoping that this becomes more and more the dads in real life situations acting well, normal. No stereotypes, no excessive messaging, just parenting.

AT&T is running a new gotta check it out. Click here to read my article on Gays with Kids.

What's your experience? JIM