Tuesday, October 17

Pariah Men's Underwear

There's a new line of men's underwear out there that is looking to change the world...men’s health world that is. Its aim is to help provide healthcare to the underserved, to educate about testicular self-exams, and to rid the world of testicular cancer.

Ok, kinda makes sense coming from a men’s underwear brand. Keep going...

It's called Pariah underwear. And while the imagery is very sexy and very “underwear," the message is uniquely clear for the skivvy category: make sure you don't suffer from testicular cancer and support the brand that helps you get there.

Each package comes with an educational pamphlet and each item sold contributes 50% of the sale price to research. So $5.00 from a $9.95 brief goes to researching a cure for testicular cancer (and other men's health issues).

Plus a "new" technology called CLEANCOOL helps to eliminate odor.

I'm sold on Pariah. What's your experience? JIM

Monday, October 16

Race Case

I was traveling recently with a colleague in Italy, and he snapped (with permission) this pic of a gentleman on something called a Race Case. It’s a roller bag with a scooter built in, so that not only do you not have to carry your luggage through the airport but you can also scoot through the long corridors to make your flight.

Pretty ingenious, I must say. Turns out that the gentleman was the inventor. Wow!

And it’s available via Suit Supply, a men’s clothing retailer that I also just recently discovered. Have partaken in that brand yet, but I will. I have my eye on a vest there! But I digress, here’s their sales video for Race Case:

Want one? I kinda do! What’s your experience? JIM

Friday, October 13

Angel Soft - Single Dad

Now admittedly, the product mention is a bit forced. Sorry to say. But I have to honor and acknowledge how the Angel Soft brand features a single dad. Truthfully, while a bit forced, the “soft and strong” thought isn’t so far off, nor is the bathroom as central hub of the house far off either.

No matter what, though, this brand is celebrating a single dad doing things that single dads do, and do well. 

Thank you very much! “If you’re doing it alone, then you have to stay strong.”

As someone who has been there and done that in a time when no one would acknowledge it, I am thrilled beyond belief to see brands, many brands, show that men too can care for their kids. In many many ways. In ways once thought only reserved for mom. In many ways all by themselves.

Bravo, Angel Soft.

Take a look —

Way to go, dad!

What’s your experience? JIM

Jean Jackets

I saw a billboard for Calvin Klein jean jackets in LA last week and it stopped me in my tracks.

My first real purchase as a working young adult was a Calvin Klein jean jacket. It must have been something like 1979. I had started working at JCPenney at the local mall, and I saved up a couple of paychecks to buy this jean jacket I had admired. I coveted that jean jacket for years. It stood by me for four years of college at Cornell and then my first adult job in Boston. It still hangs in my hallway closet as a reminder of what it’s like to work for something you really want.

As the years went by, I bought a Levi’s jean jacket which I also still have, a G Star jean jacket which I also still have, and a D&G jean jacket which I also still have.

I don’t wear any of them because jean jackets sadly fell out of style. But I still covet them all.

I’m happy to say that I think the jean jacket may be making a come back.

What do you think? Can I pull them out of the closet once again? Does 1979 meet 2017?

I think so. But oddly, or not so oddly, styles seem to change just slightly enough that you need to buy new. A new Calvin Klein jean jacket?

Nah, I’ll still to vintage. It’s a bit more me.

What’s your experience? JIM