Wednesday, August 26

Bic Is Saving Handwriting

I've been told throughout the years that I have nice handwriting...well, nice printing actually. It's something I picked up from my older sister back in the day. She always had this blocky, architectural style of handwriting that I thought was very cool and very easy to read. I always thought that handwriting should be easy to read.

So I developed my own printing style that was easy to read too...and I got a lot of attention for it. The teachers could always read my homework, I will tell you that!

But this is from when notes in class were handwritten, and from when we wrote personal notes to each other on paper. Those days are gone, for the most part, and it gets harder to harder to keep up that nice handwriting style.

I will admit that I do still enjoy a handwritten letter. I just got one yesterday from a former work colleague who wrote to me (on stationery) about my new book, Out and About Dad (written completely on a MAC and not by hand!). I have to say it was really nice to not only hear from her but to hear from her so personally...and the handwriting was impeccable.

Which is why I got a chuckle out of Bic's new campaign called "Fight for Your Write." Bic, as in the pen brand, is trying to keep handwriting alive. As well they should I suppose, it's their livelihood.

When you sign their pledge to promote handwriting at home and in your community, you get a chance to win a prize pack plus Bic will donate a pen to give much needed school supplies to school children and teachers across the country.

While I'm not sure that this is the most breakthrough campaign ever created, the insight behind it did make me smile and reminisce a bit. We have lost the art of handwriting and while I'm not sure that it makes for the end of the world given all that technology has given us in return, it does remind me of the care and attention we all used to take in putting pen to paper.

What's your experience? JIM.

Tuesday, August 25

Putting "Parent" In Your Day

As part of my column on being both a Parent and an Entrepreneur at Entrepreneur, here's this week's installment about dealing with parenting issues during your work day.

No small feat.

Click here to give it a read.

What's your experience? JIM

Thursday, August 20

Ken Fulk at Pottery Barn

I stopped into my neighborhood Pottery Barn last weekend, something I often do to chill and relax on the weekends. I'm a shopper; I should admit that right up front.

Although I often frequent Pottery Barn, I must be honest and say that it's virtually always the same, so I don't often buy much. Through the years, I've bought a bunch of stuff but not on any given visit. And I never walk in expecting to buy anything, just to browse.

But this time I got an instant thrill. The display in the window had a decidedly new feel. Still very Pottery Barn but a whole lot more fresh.

What the Fulk?!? Exactly.

Little did I know that the brand has partnered with designer Ken Fulk from San Francisco. The man is clearly talented because he was able to blend his brand with that of Pottery Barn, while maintaining the look of both. No small feat.

I've already picked out a lamp for my office, a rug for our new place in Palm Springs, and some bar accessories for our New York pad.

Ken Fulk indeed. Nice job.

What's your experience?  JIM.