Thursday, July 28

Can There Be Plagiarism in Marketing?

With all this talk about plagiarism, it got me thinking about marketing. Is it possible to plagiarize in marketing? I took to Entrepreneur to try to give a proper answer. Click here.

What's your experience? JIM

Wednesday, July 27

ABC Differentiates Lululemon

No matter the brand, no matter the category, there are two things that are very difficult to do in marketing:
- differentiate versus the competition
- appeal to a new target audience, outside of your core

And really, the only way to do the second one is to do the first one too.

The only way you can start to go after a new audience for your brand, particularly if it's vastly different than your core audience, is to come up with a way to differentiate the brand from what the audience is already buying.

You've got to get this new audience to buy into your brand, rather than the one they've grown accustomed to having in their life.

Which is exactly what Lululemon is trying to do with its line of products for men. Let's face it, Lululemon is kinda sorta maybe known as a women's brand. Actually, not even kinda sorta maybe...most consider it a women's brand despite the product line geared for men.

To compete against the likes of Nike and Under Armour, Lululemon had to offer something for men to get the brand in "his" consideration set.

Enter ABC as in Anti-Ball Crushing pants, designed to, well, do the obvious, which is obviously a particular need for this target market.

Catch this:

I'm still wanting for an explanation of the actual technology/construction that makes it all so ABC. I want details to be convinced, but evidently I'm in the minority here...they've been selling like hotcakes and in fact quarterly sales of the men's line is up 21%.

Guess they are onto something...differentiating versus their competition to hit a new market (men).

Have you tried? What's your experience? JIM

Monday, July 25


We are into week two of the Presidential Conventions...and into week two of the chaos that is increasingly beginning to seem like normal. It's downright awful.

So as a bit of a break, I thought it would be good to take a look at another angle in this year's campaigns. I didn't realize that you can't run for President if  you are under 35 years old. Well the brand Captain Morgan doesn't think that's right and is looking to do something about it.

By featuring all of these majorly successful and impactful under 30's, the brand makes a pretty compelling argument. Because after all, under 35's can do just about anything. And I'm betting that the source of the brand's success is also folks under 35. My bet anyway.

It's nice to see a brand take a stand during this election season, but in a different manner. I'm betting that this may just be the first of many. It's a bit refreshing, to say the least.

Well done. What's your experience?  JIM

Friday, July 22

Presidential Barbie and Her Running Mate

Full disclosure...I'm a big fan of Brand Barbie. 

Just in time for both party's conventions this July, Mattel has introduced yet another Presidential Barbie as part of their lineup of careers.

This is certainly not the first Presidential Barbie, but the brand was quick to point out that this year's version is in no way an endorsement. That one left me scratching my head, to be honest. Why not!

But this election year there's a new Barbie also has a running mate and she's also a woman! Also not an endorsement, I am sure.

So you can get Presidential Barbie or you can get her paired up with her running mate. In all sorts of skin tones, rightly so.

I think it's fabulous. I just think it should have come along with an endorsement, not that I am personally voicing my own opinions. I just think if Barbie is going to be President, then she should support the woman that is currently running.

My two. What's your experience? JIM