Tuesday, December 12

Patagonia Sues President Trump

In what might likely be a first ever for a brand, Patagonia has joined a consortium that is suing President Trump (his administration) over disagreements concerning preservation of land including the area Bears Ears which was just recently added to the protected list by President Obama.

I’m not commenting on the politics here...that’s for other folks and for other blogs. I’m just commenting on the branding.

Sure, we know that companies and brands spend a considerable amount of time lobbying for their interests in Washington, DC, and Patagonia has certainly not made secret its interests in environmental protection. It’s at the heart of its brand, actually.

But I’m not sure I’ve even seen a brand actually field a lawsuit over an issue...an issue where both sides appear to be on insurrmountable opposite sides.

And for the first time ever to my eye, we are seeing a social media war break out across the two sides as well. A war of social words, so to speak, which is making it very public how both sides feel. No doubt about that. And both sides are rallying their support groups as a result.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen this in branding and marketing! This is a brand really fighting for what it believes in, publicly and politically, and a government administration using social media to fight back.

Is this where branding is going now? Sign of the times? What’s your experience? JIM.

Bud Light “Dilly Dilly”

Sometimes it just works, but you can never really guarantee it. Sometimes a brand puts a piece of creative out there and it hits pop culture status. Sometimes. But you can never really guarantee it.

Bud Light is certainly enjoying some of that magic this very moment, that’s for sure.

Dilly Dilly!

“Dilly Dilly” has become a “thing,” running seemingly nonstop through NFL and college football games. We’re seeing memes and t-shirts and posts all over the place. Aside from sheer exposure, why has it caught on so much? Maybe it’s the Game of Thrones feel? Maybe. But what does “Dilly Dilly” mean? Is there something hidden from history?

Maybe one of the sequels will help us to figure it out...


Turns out that it doesn’t really mean anything at all, and that’s pretty fabulous. In these turbulent times, perhaps it’s ok just to have something fun out there. Not everything has to be so deep and meaningful and controversial.

And perhaps that’s exactly why it’s become such a part of pop culture so quickly this fall.

Looks like we might be seeing a bit of “Dilly Dilly” in the Super Bowl too...

Just plain fun. What’s your experience? JIM.

Friday, December 8


Continual innovation is the gateway to long term business success and market leadership. When you can invent a category and then continually evolve it, then chances are you’ll be continually bringing value to both your customers and your stakeholders.

But you’ve got to think ahead...think ahead of what’s beyond possible in this very moment.

Where are you going to take your business and brand next?

Which is exactly what Uber is attempting to do with one of its recently announced aspirational innovations...UberAir. Think of it as an Uber ride in the sky, which is exactly what it is.

Sorta Jetson-like, and “closer than you think.”

But who better to bring it than Uber?

Also love the modern depiction of family...mom and dad. Thank you for that too.

What’s your experience? JIM

Thursday, December 7

GANT’S Couple Thinkers

The brand GANT has done a considerable amount of work as of late reinventing its being. Probably makes sense given the fact that it got its start in 1949 and a lot has changed since then.

“Never stop learning” is the brand’s motto, and I for one try to live that way too.

In an effort to keep us all on that learning curve, GANT launched a new content series on YouTube that tackles six different big-time topics for us to advance and learn from.

It’s called “Couple Thinkers” and although hosted by a married couple, each episode features a learning expert in the topic du jour like sustainability, space, and philosophy among others.

Very in keeping with where the brand wants to continue to go, and likely very in keeping with the consumer it attracts. Each episode is nearing over 1.5 million views so folks are paying attention.

Here’s episode one titled, “Can real food feed the world?” We also get to meet the very engaging hosts for the first time as well.

What do you think? What’s your experience? JIM