Wednesday, August 23

Cheetos Pop-Up Restaurant in NYC

Last week Manhattanites were treated to a true rarity...a fine-dining pop-up Cheetos restaurant, with dishes conceived and prepared by celebrity chef Anne Burrell.

Yes, you heard all of that right. Fine-dining. Restaurant. Celebrity Chef. Cheetos.

It was called The Spotted Cheetah and it operated for a mere three days. But diners said the food was delicious, although perhaps a little overwhelming in flavor. "Classy" was what many said. I checked the spelling to make sure they didn't say "cheesy," although I'm betting the flavors were full of cheese as well.

This on the heels of the brands Cannes award-winning online museum that had fans in a frenzy. Rightly so.

Pretty brilliant engagement, if you ask me. And if you were to ask me if they should turn this into an established establishment instead of just a pop-up, then I would absolutely say "YES!"

Crunch! What's your experience? JIM

Tuesday, August 22

The Veuve Clicquot Journey

I love this packaging promotion from the classic Veuve Clicquot champagne brand. 

To my naked eye, it's a creative attempt to get consumers to remember that the champagne is made in the Champagne Region of France, at the Maison Veuve of the most iconic champagne houses of the region and of the world. Made famous by one of the original business women of the world as well, Madame Clicquot.

Each package shows the distance from a major world city to the Maison, as if you can journey there when you sip the fine beverage.

The packaging made for a great display in the store I was shopping over the weekend. So much so that I just had to buy "LA."

I was feeling a little California-France journey. What's your experience? JIM

Monday, August 21

Let's Eclipse Hate Today

There's a total eclipse of the sun happening today. Sure, we can run into the streets and watch it, but we can do more.

We can eclipse hate today. Click here to read my thoughts on HuffPost.

What's your experience? JIM

Sunday, August 20

Luvs Loves Gay Dads

I wrote a piece for HuffPost about finding the "insight" and I used Luvs as the ultimate example. They've done a great job, for years, of understanding the difference between first-time and second-time parents.

The latest installment of their long-runing campaign features two gay dads...something that gives me great pride.

You can read my HuffPost article by clicking here. Or you can go straight to the new Luvs spot below.

What's not to love? What's your experience? JIM