Monday, November 2

Mad Men Style

I have to admit that I didn't really get into Mad Men until this season. I'm normally an "early adopter" but for some reason this show didn't hit my radar until just recently.

I'm a fan, but not for the normal reasons. The show itself is ok (I have to say that the plot moves a little slowly for my taste). What I love is the "tone" of the show.

The sets are sheer perfection, like a time capsule. The clothing too. But not just the dresses and suits, but the tie in with Banana Republic. Brilliant.

Not only are Banana Republic clothes featured on the show but the show is featured in Banana Republic stores as well. Beautiful displays that also promote a contest to win a walk-on part.

The great tie-in marketing doesn't just stop there. There are product mentions all over the script, and a few product placements thrown in for good measure. I even noticed a custom Clorox tv spot when I was watching the last episode made specifically for use in the Mad Men ad pod. Awesome.

So yes, the show is a phenomenon. But for me, the marketing around the show is phenomenal.

What's your experience? Jim.

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