Monday, November 23

Lady GaGa "Bad Romance"

Did you see Lady GaGa on the American Music Awards last night? What a spectacle! She was a cross between Madonna and Freddie Mercury. Incredible pop music with a surreal performance from someone who can sing. Really sing.

I've been a little late jumping on the Lady GaGa bandwagon. Good pop music, but I never understood her as an artist until now. While her performance last night was something to be seen, it's the video for her new song "Bad Romance" that blows me away.

Sure, when I hear the song on the radio I keep it playing and I tap my feet along to the beat. It's a great pop song.

But the video! Wow! You have to check it out:

Unbelievably creative and talented. With a voice that's only matched by her "packaging".

But what's even more astonishing about the video is all the marketing in it. Aside from the fact that it debuted at an Alexander McQueen fashion show (brilliant), and it features all of his clothing designs (spectacular), it's filled with very clever product placements. Filled to the brim. It's a marketing machine, for her and for her "sponsors."

Music videos have generally only been an opportunity for fashion brands to strut their stuff. Product placements have been left to dresses, shoes, or maybe cars. Lady GaGa has blown the door open. Take a look at the video and see how many placements you can count. And it's not overt or cheesy -- the placements are wonderfully placed in the context of the video.

It's a marketing delight, not just for Alexander McQueen or Lady GaGa. But for all marketers looking for yet another touchpoint to reach consumers. Creatively.

What's your experience? Jim.

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