Wednesday, November 4

Martha Stewart Turkey

As soon as November 1st hit, the machine kicked in. The holiday marketing machine. Actually holidays as in multiple holidays, or even better stated "holidaazze".

And who better to chime in than Martha Stewart: domestic expert, smart business women, and marketing powerhouse. She's got it all including the decorations, recipes, crafts, gift wrap -- you name it. And now she even has turkey!

Yes, Martha Stewart is selling turkey. But not just any kind of turkey. Martha's turkey is better. Fresher, antibiotic free, the whole lot. And it comes with a recipe book inside with all sorts of suggestions on how to make the holidays, and her turkey, better than you have ever imagined. Plus a coupon for $15 off if you order before Thanksgiving.

You have to admit, she knows what she's doing.

What's your experience? Jim.

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