Monday, November 2

New Branding, New Experience

Two brands that I happen to "walk by" on almost a daily basis have just undergone a new branding identity -- Duane Reade and Holiday Inn. If you are not from NY, then you may not know that Duane Reade is a local drug store chain. Think CVS with a Brooklyn accent. And of course Holiday Inn is that hotel we all stayed at on family vacations as kids.

Both with bold new logos that are strikingly contemporary. I won't comment on if I like the logos or not, because that's not the point that I'm trying to make.

With a new brand identity, comes the expectation that the brand experience will also be updated. At least in consumers' minds. So if Duane Reade and Holiday Inn are going to make their identities more bold and more contemporary, then so too should be their brand experience.

I've noticed that in some of the Duane Reade locations this is becoming true, and in some not so much. Not sure about Holiday Inn, although I could easily take an educated guess :)

What's your experience? Jim.


  1. Hi Jim
    Good luck with this. I thought Duane Reade was trying to get their logo to look more like Dr. as is a way to emphasize their pharmacy area. I really like the new look, the wider aisles and the fact that they seem cleaner. Happy to say I haven't seen the inside of a Holiday Inn in many years.
    Ms. Moe

  2. Jim, I had not noticed the DR transitions where I am spending time, but the black look is far more sophisticated. I guess it will take time for a full transition, but I agree fully that I would expect my whole experience to be a little more 'premium' as well. Holiday Inn would have lots of damage control. FYI there is a Canadian franchise called Tim Horton's (donuts, coffee, sandwiches) which was bottom of the barrel but transformed to a Canadian icon over a # of years. In any case, curious to see what DR does in particular as those drug stores are not differentiable to me.