Friday, November 6

Wisk Puts Social Media to Great Use

As an industry, we are starting to get it. Social media and how best to put it to use for our brands and our consumers.

Best Buy came up with a great way to put Twitter to use for their customers by amping up their service with @Twelpforce which quickly connects customers with customer service reps to resolve problems and ask questions.

Now Wisk laundry detergent is using Facebook to add value to their consumers' lives by helping to clean up unwanted photos lingering in social media cyberspace and potentially becoming, as they say, "dirty laundry". If there's a photo out there in the digital world that you want removed, well now the brand will help you Wisk it away.

There was a little article about it in AdAge and you can click here or paste this into your browser window:

This is a great example of really understanding how to use social media in a way that is consistent with your brand and fulfilling a need for your consumer. It makes sense and it's not just using social media for social media sake.

It ties perfectly to the brand equity (removing any kind of stain) and adds value to the brand experience (helps consumers in a way that no one else has).


What's your experience? Jim.

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