Tuesday, November 3

The Turnpike Series Donation

The World Series is arguably one of the best things about the Fall, and I'm not even a big baseball fan. But when the entire city rallies around their local team, it's just plain 'ole American fun. This year with New York and Philadelphia fighting in another Turnpike Series, it's crazy here on the East Coast.

For me, it's all the behind the scenes action that tends to get my attention, though, and there's something very cool brewing this year from two very seemingly unlikely sources.

The two large produce markets in each city have a bet. If the Yankees lose, then New York City's Hunts Point Terminal Market will donate a truckload of produce to a Philadelphia food bank. If the Phillies lose, then the Philadelphia Regional Produce Market will donate a truckload of produce to a New York food bank.

Not sure if you know much about these two produce markets, but they sure seem like pretty tough business people. But obviously they both have a heart of gold. They are constantly donating food to homeless shelters, very much under the radar screen. So I am happy that the World Series has cast a spotlight on their generosity.

Thanks for turning a wonderful Fall tradition into an even more positive experience for those in need.

What's your experience? Jim.

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