Tuesday, December 15

Cheer for Gap Plaid

I have to admit that I had kind of counted Gap out. Gap as in the retail store. I even write about it in my upcoming marketing book. Now I don't think that they've solved all of their problems, and I'm not sure that they know who they are as a brand, but I do admire their current product line and marketing campaign. The brand brought back ... plaid!

Gap Plaid. While the clothes wouldn't work for me personally, they are striking to look at and I have noticed the marketing.

Ready for Holiday Cheer. Gap Plaid. The television advertising features a crew of models, all wearing plaid clothes, doing a "cheer". It's very GLEE!

But here's the magic, at least in my eyes. The company did a contest where store employees film themselves doing their own Gap cheer, and then loaded them onto YouTube. Great way to go viral and local all at the same time.

You've got to check out this one -- it's a rip off of Lady GaGa's Bad Romance. Only this is Lady GapGap, Plaid Romance. LOL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dp8fQKCJXQ

You just gotta love it, from a social media and user generated marketing perspective. These are company employees really getting into their brand. It's totally infectious and oddly aspirational for consumers to view.

The brand has also "plaid-ized" its Facebook page (including the logo), with items to engage even further and to share with friends.

Not sure that it's making me reconsider the Gap brand, but it did hit my radar this holiday season. That's a good start.

What's your experience? Jim.

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