Thursday, December 31

Dick Clark to Ryan Seacrest

It's New Year's Eve, and I have to give a shout out to Dick Clark. He "owns" this holiday in my mind, right from my first memories. New Year's Rockin' Eve. Every holiday season Dick Clark would roll in the new year with a television special that not only counted down to midnight, but also featured the hottest musical artists of the year. He branded a new generation of New Year's Eve and we all tuned in.

Remember American Bandstand, the tv show he hosted year after year? For those of you too young to know, American Bandstand was "all that" when we were teenagers. I would watch it every week to catch the latest music sensation. The show was really only one of a few ways that we could actually "see" our favorite acts ... this was WAY before music videos on MTV.

Between these two pop iconic television shows, Dick Clark became a brand over the years. The perennial teenager, music insider, and MC. Everyone knew Dick Clark and loved him for what he brought to us.

Of course now he is up there in age, in not so great health, and ready to pass the baton. To ..... Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest has kind of taken over the Dick Clark brand. Host of American Idol, the franchise that in many ways is the American Bandstand of today. And New Year's Eve. For the past few years, including this year, Dick Clark shares the spotlight of the "ball drop" with Ryan Seacrest, the new generation of music MC. Ryan Seacrest also took over the weekly music chart countdown hosted by Dick Clark back in the day as well.

Dick Clark is transferring his brand right before our eyes. If you are into this kind of stuff, it's actually quite impressive.

All the best to you in 2010.

What's your experience? Jim.

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