Thursday, December 10

In-store Circular, Reinvented

On November 2nd, I wrote a post about old brands that are revitalizing their look and hence need to revitalize their brand experience as well. I cited Duane Reade (the drug store) and Holiday Inn (the hotel) as two examples. I insinuated that perhaps the brands needed to update their consumer experience as well as their logos.

Perhaps I was a little too impatient. The other day while walking to work, I was handed "The Duane Reader" on the street. It's the drug store's new circular ... you know the ones you pick up at the front of the store that are chocked full of coupons and basically nothing else?

"The Duane Reader" reinvents the store circular. And I have to tell you not a moment too soon. And I should also say that I can't even count how many times I have presented this idea to retailers through the years. YOU NEED TO REINVENT THOSE HORRIBLE, ONE-DIMENSIONAL, IN-STORE CIRCULARS. These amazing marketing vehicles need to add value to the shopping experience, not just deliver one coupon after another after another.

Duane Reade did it. The new "in-store circular" is beautifully laid out and is full of product information, tips, recipes, advice, and yes of course money saving offers. It's like reading a magazine, although clearly branded with the new Duane Reade iconic logo. The drug store chain has also amped up its private label food items called De-lish. Fabulous. And many of the stores have cleaned up their act in-store as well. Not all of them yet, but many have wider aisles, new fixtures, and better lighting, especially in the skin care and makeup sections.

The brand really is re-inventing its consumer experience while updating its branding. Congrats.

BTW, about two blocks later I was handed a Duane Reade sampler that contained a whole bunch of trial size products and some coupons ... perfect timing for the holidays.

I should also mention that other stores have started to move along the same pathway, but none as aggressively as Duane Reade, at least not to my eye. CVS did an incredible mailer (aka "circular") for its Extra Care members, and Target has done some nice work lately as well.

What's your experience? Jim

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