Monday, December 28


It all started with Black Friday with the "friend" discounts on Facebook, and the "tweets" on Twitter announcing items of the day. And then Cyber Monday took off with the biggest day in e-commerce history, and it's been an "e-holiday" ever since.

It seems like this year was the tipping point. Sure e-commerce has been growing steadily year after year. But to my eye, this year topped the scales because of social media. Everything is online and interconnected and it's amazing. I didn't step one foot in a shopping mall, and I am proud to say it! But I did share an awful lot with my friends online.

Even Christmas cards went the way of "e". I got far more e-greetings than traditional snail mail cards for the first time ever.

My biggest surprise of the holiday season? Sales of e-books. I didn't buy any myself but I just read that sales of e-books surpassed sales of regular books this holiday season. It doesn't surprise me that the early adopters are latching on. What does surprise me though is how fast e-books are going mass. The first holiday season and they are already in the lead. That's pretty amazing when you think about it.

I also just got word that my new book, "The Experience Effect", will go right to e-books in May.

It was indeed a wonderful, white Christmas, with everything "e"!

What's your experience? Jim.


  1. so true. i got a kindle for xmas. i have already bought 2 books. i used to only buy 1 book at a time and only when a bookstore was conveniently put in my path - rarely did i go out of the way. also today, went to a store to buy something specific. was told by the clerk that it was no longer available "sorry honey, we were supposed to take that off display weeks ago". got home, annoyed, went online to the store's site and ordered it. done. it'll be here in 3 biz days. so much for human interaction. and i wasn't annoyed by the computer at all.

  2. As for an E-Holiday I enjoy, I would say the Super Bowl. Last year I was not able to go to my friend's Super Bowl party, so I went on Twitter and enjoyed the game with my followers. I had a blast. We talked about the game, critiqued the ads, etc. It was a great live-tweeting experience. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens this year. It will be especially interesting to see how brands use the game to create a memorable experience with friends, followers, etc.



  3. So true about the retail experience. I can't tell you how many times I have been in a store only to have the sales person direct me to their website.

    I felt like telling her that if I wanted to order from the web, then I would have stayed home.

    Sometimes I just want the instant gratification of being in the retail environment!


  4. Ryan...indeed! Twitter is a great way to experience an event when you can't be there. I've done it a few times! It's also a great way to connect with people at an event, when you are all there. Sharing thoughts on speeches, etc. Very cool. Jim

  5. Re e-books, I bought a Kindle in October and am hooked. I still shop bookstores voraciously, but make a mental note of the books I want and then go order on my Kindle. Saves a tree, saves on space (I have no more room for books anymore and yet cannot allow myself to throw books away), it's cheaper ($9.99 on average for all books, even bestsellers)and best of all, the type can be made as large as you want which is very attractive to me as I'm starting to need reading glasses. I think Kindles and the like are here to stay and wish the book world would embrace them as you are with your new book.