Tuesday, December 1

Filled with Glee!

Glee. The new tv show on Fox. I have been continuously seeing everyone's posts on this fabulous new show but I just had not had the chance to watch it.

Over Thanksgiving, I finally caught up to pop culture thanks to DVR.

It's a really fun show. American Idol meets High School Musical meets 90210.

The music is just plain fun. Classic hits sung in choir style woven into teen drama. Can it get any better?

Yes. After the episodes you can download the songs from iTunes. Brilliant. On Fox.com you can follow the show on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook, and you can also join the Glee community, watch back episodes, and see extra video footage.

The show is so good that it may even become appointment television for me, just like American Idol and 90210 once was back in the day.

Television dead? "NO", he says with glee.

What's your experience? Jim.


  1. Glee is one of those few shows that both my wife and I enjoy together. And I've heard their downloads on iTunes are huge.

  2. LOVE GLEE! It's something prime-time TV needs for this generation!