Monday, December 7

Julia Roberts for Lancome

There are no coincidences when it comes to good marketing.

Not just the original pretty woman, but MY pretty woman just struck a pretty cool deal for Lancome. Julia Roberts was named the newest "ambassadress" for Lancome beauty products.

While her recent movies are not reflective of her amazing career (I watched "Duplicity" over the weekend), she is still a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Hollywood star power. I am personally a HUGE fan. Julia Roberts is the one celebrity that I would have to rush up to if I were walking past her on the street. Even in NYC where it's code to leave celebrities alone.

To me, it's a good match. It's good marketing by Lancome, and for Julia too. Timing is perfect for her with two new movies coming out soon, including the much anticipated "Eat Pray Love" said to revitalize her career. The brand is obviously taking advantage of that timing as well. And in the fickle beauty business, big news always travels fast and has impact.

There are no coincidences when it comes to good marketing.

I think the most fascinating aspect of the announcement is all the message and comment boards. Every online article has a string of comments from readers, with commentary that runs the gamut from good to bad about Julia joining Lancome. Opinions are strong on both sides of the argument and emotions run high. Fascinating that people care that much (well then, look at me!), and also fascinating that we all now have a place to air our thoughts.

Even on something as simple as a new ambassadress for a beauty brand. Go Julia!

What's your experience? Jim

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