Monday, December 21

Newspapers Alive and Social with Trident

Another great example of a brand using social media in traditional media channels. Trident ran a full page color ad in USAToday, featuring all the tweets from its followers, specifically comments for its new product, Trident Layers. The ad literally recreated the tweets as a way to showcase testimonials for the new product.

Wait, I thought traditional media was dead? Double wait, I thought newspapers were dead?

Guess not in the eyes of Trident, and hopefully not in the eyes of their consumers either.

Interesting way to leverage early adopters of a new product, and to use their networks to spread the word.

I'm sure the other part of the strategy is to generate more Trident followers on Twitter. Again, interesting technique to use traditional media to drive consumers to social media. Hmmm. More followers means more engagement so I guess it makes sense. It's the whole "she told two friends" kind of thing. Although in the world of social media, the average is actually 11 friends. Do the math and it spreads fast, which is what a brand needs for a new product.

Good move, Trident. Can't wait to see the results.

What's your experience? Jim

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