Thursday, December 10

One Man's Trash ...

Today I have a guest post from Vanessa Pesce, the Managing Director of ShopPR, one of the agencies within Lippe Taylor Brand Communications. Vanessa discovered that one man's trash, is another man's marketing treasure!

What's your experience? Jim.

All yours, Vanessa:

Sometimes simple is better. As marketers, we’ve all been guilty of over thinking a creative strategy, or feeling constrained by a budget, and yet time after time some of the best ideas are the most streamlined and cost effective.

Case in point – this cool idea from Minneapolis design studio Blu Dot. Blu Dot added a little technology, a little street theater, and a whole lot of creative thinking about the way New Yorkers might acquire furniture. The result was an inspiring and impactful stunt that generated a lot of buzz.

Blu Dot, a design press darling, placed 25 of their sleek $129 Real Good metal chairs in various colors on the sidewalks of Manhattan and Brooklyn , much in the way a chipped armoire or other furniture cast-off would be thrown to the garbage. They equipped each piece with a GPS system, so they could track and later contact those who took them.

Social media played a big role - chair locations were announced on Twitter, images were showcased on Flickr, and a Google map was used to track the chairs on the Blu Dot website. The brand was pleased with the quick results – a few hundred new Twitter followers, many blog posts (some were “epic”) and a piece in the New York Times magazine, below.

Despite the fact that Blu Dot took a risk and associated their hip product with second-hand trash and opened themselves up to potential consumer backlash -- most of the initially unwitting consumers were excited to be interviewed on camera for a video that will be shown in Blu Dot’s Soho store, marking it’s one-year anniversary in New York.

A straightforward marketing stunt, with minimal cost and ample marketing legs that engages consumers? I think it’s simply awesome.

Vanessa Pesce, Managing Director of ShopPR

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