Monday, December 14

Where Are You, Tiger?

I've been waiting to write a post about Tiger Woods, actually dying to write a post about Tiger Woods. I've been patiently waiting to comment only because I've been waiting to see what Tiger does in response to his brand that is in crisis. The problem is that he's not doing anything, and it has me puzzled.

Yes, Tiger is a brand. I don't have to convince you of that. But Tiger is breaking every rule in the "brand crisis management" text book. Every public relations professional will tell you about the short list of things to do when you're brand is in crisis. I know myself having worked on Tylenol for over a decade.

First of all, over communicate. Be out in the public eye. Comment on what's going on. Tiger's silence, I believe, is making his situation even worse (if that's even possible). But communicate openly, honestly, sincerely.

And get in FRONT of the story. Tell people what is going to happen, before it happens or at least as in happens. Letting the story unfold makes it seem like you have no control in the situation.

Easy for me to say, and a lot easier to do when the crisis is over. The problem with Tiger, I'm afraid, is that I don't think the crisis is over. I don't think the story has completely unfolded, and I'm not sure that Tiger even knows where the story is going to land.

Very sad, for an incredibly talented man to lose such control of his life. It's not something that I enjoy watching. But he threw himself into the public eye, and by accepting so many brand endorsements, he turned himself into a brand. So sadly we watch as that brand goes into crisis.

I hope it ends soon, for all those involved. I just wish he would start to communicate honestly so that he could regain control and get in front of the story. For the sake of his family if not for his brand.

What's your experience? Jim.

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