Tuesday, December 1

Zappos in all the Right Places

One of the things I write about in my upcoming marketing book is that almost anything can be a media vehicle for a brand's marketing plan. Literally anything. The usual suspects like magazines, websites, and tv advertising. And more interesting venues like movie theaters, text messages, and even bathroom stalls (no kidding, I saw a poster for a very personal product at the gym the other day).

Any place where a consumer "lives" can be a touchpoint for a marketing message (witness all the advertising and promotion on Facebook). Not saying they ALL should be, but anything certainly can be.

This week, while travelling, I proved my own point. I was going through security at the airport, just about to take off my shoes and put them in one of those bins. What did I spy with my little eye?

Advertising! A tray liner in the bin with an ad for Zappos.com! Brilliant. A place where you can buy shoes advertising in a vehicle that reminds you that your shoes are crummy and that maybe you should get new ones. They say the medium is the message?!?

Awesome marketing.

What's your experience? Jim.

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