Monday, January 25

Anderson Cooper on the Ground

There's a new hero emerging from the disaster in Haiti, and it's coming from a unexpected place: the news media.

Anderson Cooper. He was the first big news anchor to be on the ground in Haiti. And he's still there and plans to be there, on the ground, at least thru this week.

But he's not just reporting the news from a far-off booth, he's IN the news. On the streets, under the tents, and in some cases right in the middle of the action pulling people from the rubble or helping them escape looters (that video of the young boy last week was un-nerving). He is making sure we see what is really going on and I believe he is largely responsible for making sure that we don't forget.


Anderson Cooper was also a huge part of "Hope for Haiti" Friday night, checking in "on the ground" and introducing us to some of the children we have seen in the news. Wyclef Jean even added him to the lyrics of the song he wrote and performed.

Anderson Cooper knows what he is doing. He's delivering the news in his style, on his terms, in a very real way - in accordance with his "brand". I believe it all started with Hurricane Katrina, and he has stuck to his essence ever since.

He lives in my neighborhood in NYC - I see him often and even see him at the gym. He is very quiet and un-assuming , not someone you'd expect to be in the media He's gained my admiration and trust.

What's your experience? Jim.

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  1. I am a fan. I see Anderson Cooper's work rarely in paris (if I happen to be in a CNN space occasionally)...he is an understated conduit of news and insight...given his family history (his mum is Gloria Vanderbilt), looks and presence he could be a star seeker using news events to launch himself ever stratospeherically...but he does not. He goes to the coal face and he simply does journalism. Its dangerous to become a tragedy hound also...but he is great at it, and he keeps it real. Thanks for pointing him out on your blog.