Thursday, January 28

Apple iPad

I know this is my second post in a row about Apple, but please bear with me. Rumours were flying leading up to yesterday's big announcement from Apple and I got sucked up into the anticipation.

Would AT&T finally be losing it's exclusivity and open the door for Verizon?

Turns out, not on your life. There's no way that AT&T is giving that up without a long, public fight - IMHO.

The cell phone wars are brutal, much worse than the cola wars of years past. They are at each other's throats, all making the exact same claims. Can't even tell them apart. The new campaign with Luke Wilson (who btw looks awful), is yet the latest in the battle. I can't even remember which brand he is pitching.

So there's no way that AT&T is giving up it's one point of difference. At least not very easily.

The big announcement? I'm sure you saw it - The Apple tablet. Very cool, at least at first glance. We will see as folks start to actually use it. But for those a part of the AT&T rumour mill, not nearly as drama filled as we had anticipated.

One thing we've all gotten used to -- innovation from Apple. They focus much more of their attention on innovation than on any rumours or marketplace warfare. Innovation is part of their brand dna and we celebrate it with every release. Let's hope the iPad lives up to the brand.

What's your experience? Jim.

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