Wednesday, January 13

Beauty -- There's An App For That

Jessica DiPietro here at the agency makes a guest appearance today, talking about "trying on beauty". In the land of apps, it's actually pretty cool stuff.

What's your experience, Jessica? Jim.

Women love the experience of feeling, touching, seeing, and trying makeup in person -- but they also love the convenience and excitement of the ever-changing and growing internet. So what’s a sensory-focused industry like beauty to do, in order to compete and really take advantage of the internet?

With Web technology constantly advancing, beauty companies have instinctively embraced the “virtual makeover” -- who wouldn't. We’ve all seen the “try-on” technology, and it's a lot of fun. Consumers get to try all sorts of looks to see which one suits them best.

There isn’t a top company or beauty site out there anymore that doesn’t have this type of tool such as Clairol’s Try It On Studio, Cover Girl’s Makeover Studio and the most recent from Daily Makeover. Consumers can even see how they may look after BOTOX.

But, just when I thought I couldn’t take another iPhone app, aBeauty Pro combined the two and launched the first realistic visualization iPhone App for cosmetics – just brilliant. Think about it – millions of women are now able to “try on” their makeup right at the point of sale and then send it immediately to a friend or family member for an opinion. And then hopefully select the right products for them.

Read a little bit about it here:

What a great way to bring the beauty industry into the next decade!

- Jessica DiPietro, EVP at Lippe Taylor Brand Communications

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