Friday, January 29

Brangelina, The Brand

The speculation around the breakup of Brad and Angelina is certainly intensifying. So much so that it's starting to feel like "where there's smoke there's fire." Relationship breakups are hard, really hard, don't have to even say that! But what happens when your relationship has become a brand?

Brangelina is a force. It's a product and a marketing machine. It's getting hard to imagine the two of them without each other, professionally anyway. It's even in Wikipedia! They've become so much a product of Hollywood and pop culture, although they say that's not what they want, that I wonder if the two entities can survive the demise of Brangelina, The Brand. Will the business part of it all stay intact?

I'm sure they will be fine. Sonny and Cher did it, and they too were a powerful brand when they were together. It's just interesting to look at it from a marketing perspective in terms of what happens to the brand assets when the brand splits up.

What's your experience? Jim.

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