Wednesday, January 20

Domino's Pizza Talks Quality

Let's face it, when it comes to pizza brands, quality doesn't top the list when thinking of Domino's. Don't get me wrong, Domino's is a great brand. Most people have it positioned in their minds as a pizza that's quick, cheap, and available anytime day or night. It's the stuff that late night studying and kids birthday parties are made of. Even the brand's promotions drive home that message with incentives to buy in multiples. Just never thought about it as the world's greatest pizza.

Well now Domino's is tackling the issue head on. A new campaign outwardly admits that quality was not always where it needed to be, and the company management is out to change it. In fact, there they are in the advertising telling us so.

This is such a great example of prioritizing brand attributes, and picking a few that are the most meaningful to define the brand. For years, quality took a back seat to fast, cheap, and available for Domino's. The brand grew a tremendous business based on it. But as the competition has increased and other "better tasting" brands are stomping on their turf, Domino's is re-prioritizing its attributes and its communication.

As a consumer, I can concur. I only order Domino's when I need it fast and cheap (and in bulk!) for the kids. If I've got time and am willing to spend the extra money, I go for the local shop that also delivers. Or I'll pick it up myself to get the really good stuff.

Domino's is looking to change that behavior with quality now leading their brand charge.


What's your experience? Jim.

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