Tuesday, January 26

The Genius Bar at Apple

The Genius Bar at The Apple Retail Store. Both a Bar and Genius, and it looks like you've been talking amongst yourselves! (if you are smiling right now then you are as old as me!)

There must have been a lot of MAC gifts over the holidays because I've noticed a lot of online chatter about The Genius Bar at The Apple Stores. It's the place you go if you have questions or are having problems with any MAC products - iPods, iPhones, laptops, work stations, whatever.

People are pretty happy with The Genius Bar, at least from the conversations I have seen. I think most first time users are quite amazed actually - most are just not used to getting this level of service with computer equipment. The feeling in the past has been more of "you're on your own", rather than "how can I help you."

All a part of a well crafted brand experience from Apple. A seamless integration of branded marketing from the advertising to the stores to the products to the post-purchase service. All Apple the entire way.

I call this kind of seamless, consistent, well-crafted marketing "The Experience Effect", and I have a book coming out about it this May.

From what I am hearing, a lot of people are having positive experiences with the Apple brand.

What's your experience? Jim.

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  1. hi, jim. my experience at the genius bar has been good, too. they're super busy, so you have to book online. the usual wait time with an appointment is about 15 mins. which seems reasonable. they also have been willing to accept my explanations as to why i though a particular part was dead without redoing all my testing steps. other computer stores tend to be really arrogant. by actually listening to the customer, they make you feel like you're part of the brand.

    what really impresses me is the free classes. i've taken their "pro-labs" classes for final cut pro and they're great. the class size is small and they supply a computer for each student.