Monday, January 4

Let The (Weight Loss) Race Begin

As a marketer, I get it. January 1st comes rolling around and what's a "healthy" brand to do? Leverage the fact that millions of people are going to start out the new year with a resolution that somehow revolves around losing weight. So advertise your brand and get these consumers to choose you over the other options in front of them. I get it.

But it's a little much, don't you think? This year it began exactly on December 26th. We know we need to lose weight -- we can't see our toes anymore! Stop trying to convince us. Stop ramming it down our throats. Stop telling us the same exact thing, over and over and over again. Stop advertising to us.

We are trying. The gyms are packed, the salad bars are loaded, and no one is in the candy aisle. The country is in a collective near-panic about our weight. We are trying.

As a brand in the category, though, you need to try along with us. Talk with us. Join us. Tell us something different that will make a difference. Offer us some innovation.

So my advice to all these brands is to stand out from the crowd. Do something unique and different to attract my attention. Establish a new way of thinking about weight loss -- then maybe you'll break through the clutter and connect with me. Connect with me on an emotional level and then give me some rational news. In places other than on television. Give me some incentives to stick with you. Play with me. Then I'll bite, so to speak.

What's your experience? Jim.

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  1. Well put, and I do think most of these companies/brands do offer fairly engaging online experiences (not sure how much in social media). The dilemma they find themselves in is that they have about a 30 - 60 day window to make their sales number which drives their entire year. If they don't make the peak sales of January-February, they are sunk. Hence the rush back to tv to drive mass sales fast. Hell, if it gives us a break from all the ED and anti-depressant ads, I'm ok with that!