Monday, January 11

New Vitamin Water Flavor

Glaceau Vitamin Water. I'm a huge fan. No really, I am actually a Facebook fan. And my son's deli fridge in our gameroom is STOCKED with Vitamin Water. He and his friends arranged the bottles by flavor, and they line them up like a wave of colors. They are huge fans too. No really, they are actually Facebook fans. That's how I got hooked.

So when Vitamin Water announced a new flavor contest among it's Facebook fans, we/they were in. Pretty cool marketing idea to get your die hard fans engaged - have them create the newest flavor.

The brand just announced the winner late last week : "connect" (note the lower case "c").

Loaded with caffeine and 8 other ingredients, it actually has a Facebook logo on the label. And it's already been updating its own status. I should know, I'm a fan.

What's your experience? Jim.

1 comment:

  1. You're right...I did get hooked on Vitamin Water from FB and the celebrities that supported it! I thought the competition was very clever for both brands.