Wednesday, February 3

Disney Rewards Community Service

The economic pressure that we have all been facing has fundamentally changed us as a society. As institutions fail around us, we are realizing that if this is going to get fixed, then we have to fix it ourselves. Together.

Charity donations are up. Community service is up. Networking is up. As a culture, we are helping each other out more now than certainly I have ever seen before. My contribution? I personally make sure that several times a week I do something that helps another person find a job. I feel committed to helping people get their careers on track. I know that a lot of others are doing the same (please read yesterday's post from Amanda Mitchell who is doing more than her fair share).

So I was especially impressed to see the initiative from Disney designed to reward community service. The Disney brand of magic is still alive and well.

It goes like this: for every day of community service you complete (among many many registered organizations), you will receive a free park pass for a day. Now the truth is, you still have to get to one of the parks, and that's not necessarily cheap or easy. But I love the fact that Disney is tapping into the current mindset and rewarding people for what they are naturally doing. And encouraging them to do more. Helping them to help others.

Disney magic.

What's your experience? Jim.


  1. I can attest first hand to the impact this is having. I'm a volunteer project coordinator at a Jersey City shelter twice a month. My teams consist of up to 5 volunteers per event and since this offer has been in effect, ALL of my volunteers have come through this program. And BTW, it does not require a "full day" of service. You actually get the day at the park for simply participating in an event…however long that might be. So you can get credit for a full day at Disney in exchange for merely a few hours of doing good. Win/win if ever I’ve seen it.

  2. That's so awesome ... thanks for the first-hand account! Jim

  3. Totally agree! It's actually getting harder and harder to volunteer because the places are over-full (no complaints) with those wanting to help. There was a recent CNN article that volunteerism rose up since people started getting laid off at their companies. Besides oocupying their time, people have been networking and finding opportunities of employment. You get rewarded for a good deed!

    I love Disney's yearly theme and this theme is appropriate for the hard-times the world is facing! LOVE IT!!! I got my Disney ticket - have you?