Monday, February 8

Dodge Charger "Super Beard"

Yesterday I mentioned that I was impressed by the new Dodge Charger advertising that debuted during the Super Bowl, and I really was. Not so much for the execution itself, but for its insights into relationships and driving psyche among its target audience. The advertising is a bit sexist, on both sides of the fence, but it was still insightful and very well targeted.

What I didn't realize at the time is that the television is just tip of the iceberg. Dodge Charger is launching an entire initiative toward men, a certain kind of men, presenting the vehicle as the "man's choice" in the car category. Interesting.

And they are including something that I have not seen before ... a beard growing contest! Yes, a beard growing contest. To quote the brand, "be the master of your own face!". I guess that goes hand in hand with the mantra of the advertising ... "drive the car that you want to drive".

The contest takes place on Facebook where guys will submit pictures of their beards after a period of six weeks. Fans will vote on who has the best "Super Beard". I'm not sure that I relate to the messaging, but it sure is well targeted and quite a brand experience.

Let's see if it sells cars.

What's your experience? Jim.

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