Wednesday, February 3

Giving Back to Corporate Executives

My friend Amanda Mitchell is an Executive Coach, and she is doing something really helpful for those of us in the business community. You may want to check it out. She is offering free advice to people who feel "stuck" in their current career choice and work environment.

I know Amanda personally -- she is real and legit. When we were working together at Publicis, we would spend the first ten minutes of every meeting laughing our butts off, and then we would get to work. This is not a spam gig and there's no up sell. Just business people helping other business people, which is why I want to help spread the word.

I'll let Amanda tell you about it herself.

Amanda, what's your experience? Jim

If you are feeling stuck in your current situation at work, I'd like to offer some help.

On the surface, it seems like it should be so easy, doesn’t it? After all, you’ve always been able to work your way out of any difficulty but suddenly that’s not working any more. You’ve always been successful, steadily progressing in your career. Things came fairly easy and you were rewarded with promotions and plum assignments. Others look at you as a success…it’s hard for them to understand your dissatisfaction, particularly since you struggle to express exactly what you want. You seem to have it all. But you wonder, “Is this all there is?”

You know you need a change but don’t know how to even start the process….and the very idea of making a change seems overwhelming to you. You are stuck. You, who have always had a plan, don’t have one now—and that makes you uncomfortable.

So why are you stuck? Why are the strategies that have worked in the past--working harder, having discussions with your boss, changing how you delegate or manage your workflow—no longer working? Nothing seems to be moving you forward.

If this sounds like you, then I invite you to join me for this FREE teleclass:
Taking Control of Your Career: 5 Keys to Getting Unstuck & Back on Track
Thursday, February 4th, 8 pm EST (5 pm PST)

This call is for you if you’re ready to move forward and take control of your career. Do you:
• know you have to do something on the career front—but are not sure what?
• have family and financial obligations to consider that appear to limit your options?
• constantly prioritize others’ needs over your own—so that you seem to end up working 10x longer than everyone else?
• feel ready to break free of what’s been holding you back, but just don’t know how?

Taking action, any action, is key to making progress. Visit to sign up.

This is my way of "giving back" to my colleagues who need a little boost. I've been there myself and don't want to see people struggle needlessly. Hope to "see" you on the call.

- Amanda Mitchell, PCC, Corporate Navigator


  1. Just one correction folks...the call is this Thursday February 4th at 8pm...hope you can join us. Thanks Jim!

  2. I fixed it in the post! Sorry for any confusion ... guess I just can't believe that it's February already! Jim

  3. Amanda is doing encore calls throughout the next few months -- so keep checking her website for more dates.