Monday, February 15

Simon Spurr

It's Fashion Week here in New York and I went to one of the shows on Sunday.

Simon Spurr. A new men's designer on the scene who is getting a lot of attention. Even Anna Wintour came to his show, quite exciting.

The clothing is fabulous. Beautifully tailored. Completely wearable. Comfortable yet very styled at the same time. I wish him a lot of luck. You can see the line right here:

The show itself was very cool. It was my first, so for me it was everything that I expected it to be. Right out of Devil Wears Prada, complete with the Meryl Streep character! Felt so inspired that when I got home I watched "Valentino, The Last Emperor" again on television.

It was so enjoyable to see a young brand like Simon Spurr at its infancy and to feel the incredible road to success in front of it. Congratulations and good luck!

What's your experience? Jim.

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