Monday, February 15

Weekly Resolution 2/15/10


A few weeks ago, I posted a Weekly Resolution about avoiding all forms of distracted driving -- no using cell phones, texting, eating, GPS, etc to keep completely focused on driving. I'm really trying to do it too! You can read it here:

Now when Oprah gets behind something, you know it's going to get traction. She just announced the "No Phone Zone" pledge. She asked every employee at her company to sign a pledge saying that they will not use their cell phone for talking or texting while they are driving. All her "friends", like Nate Berkus, are doing the same at their companies.

Oprah is asking us too, right on her website where we can all sign her pledge online. I just filled it out myself, along with 121,906 other people as of this moment.

Check it out here:

Every car should be a "no phone zone". I have to say that it's nice to have some time to myself!

What's your experience? Jim

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