Wednesday, March 24

Dr. Scholl's Footmapping

Dr. Scholl's has long been the authority in "healthy feet", but in my mind the brand just took it another step forward.

Dr. Scholl's has brought Custom Fit centers to select retail locations. By stepping onto a scanning machine, thousands of sensors basically survey your feet and identify all of your pressure points. The analysis then spits out recommended products to insert into your shoes to help alleviate tired, achy feet. The whole thing is right there, on the screen, at the point of purchase.

Can't even begin to tell you how many brands I have recommended an in-store kiosk to help consumers select products. The problem is that the technology isn't always readily available and the costs tend to be prohibitive. But it looks like Dr. Scholl's has cracked the code.

If you go to the website,, you can insert your zip code to find a location near you. Many of them are at Wal-Marts.

Very cool technology, right at the point of sale, to aid in proper product selection. Looks like a leadership move to me!

What's your experience? Jim


  1. I don't know if my feedback has a direct bearing on the context of this Blog
    (marketing/brand awareness), but I can
    share my experience.

    The Foot Mapping machine prescribed an orthotic that has been better for me than almost any orthotic before.

    However, I feel one foot needs still more support. But the "Policy of the Machine"
    is to use a secret formula to choose a product with a secret code (like CF 430, which is different from CF340). This policy keeps me locked in to this Brand. However, I have no information to make a self-prescribed upgrade.

    Dr. Scholl's support line repeats 3 times "We can't prescribe over the phone, the machine uses 2000 points to calculate...."

    Products really should have detailed accurate measurements displayed.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience ... sounds like you were able to find some relief which is awesome and a part of the concept. I don't work for the brand and can't comment on the upgrade at all. I am just observing as a marketer. Jim.