Friday, March 26

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery

These days we can't take a good night's sleep for granted ... a full night of uninterrupted sleep is very hard to come by. But it's so good for you, inside and out! My colleague Andrea Halpern from my agency found some motivation to care of ourselves in this department, from the skin care brand Kiehl's.

What's your experience, Andrea? Jim.

I love a good challenge, whether it's in my entertainment (The Biggest Loser), my job, or of the personal grooming kind. I'm always game for beauty boot camp and to look and feel better. Whether it's a five day skin routine that promises a 'glowing complexion' or a two week program to 'healthier hair' - bring it on!

Enter the newest challenge which I discovered on Facebook - the Kiehl's 'Midnight Recovery Diaries'. This 15-day challenge is based around Kiehl's new product launch Midnight Recovery Concentrate - a replenishing elixir of essential oils that work while you sleep to give you younger-looking skin by morning. Sounds like the fountain of youth to me.

Kiehl's has challenged six hard working individuals, A Singer, Fashion Designer, Fashion Publicist, Writer, Social Entrepreneur and Creative Director, to "recover" their sleep and promise to go to bed before midnight, get at least seven hours of sleep a day, use the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach (a very interesting headband that monitors your sleep patterns) and of course treat their skin to a few drops of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. The participants are required to blog daily about their day: how they feel and look, and how the regimen has affected their routine. There's still a few days left of this challenge, and I am interested to read the panelists' final entries.

In New York City where everyone seems to work hard and play harder, it's a nice idea to challenge yourself to a few extra zzz's while of course giving your skin a chance to turn back the clock. Signing off sleeping beauties.

- Andrea Halpern from Lippe Taylor Brand Communications

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