Friday, March 19

Red Bull Art of Can

When I was in Miami a couple weeks ago, I stumbled on a pop-up installation that really engaged me. From Red Bull of all brands, called "Red Bull Art of Can". I saw this huge tent sitting right next to the beach, and I just had to find out what was in it!

Evidently Red Bull has a traveling art show of regional artists who make configurations out of Red Bull cans. Sculpture art, if you will. Fascinating, and amazingly creative. It really pulled me in, right off of the street!

So right there on South Beach, amid the tan bodies and Latin culture, stood a pop-up museum featuring Red Bull cans, all from local Miami artists (young and old). The place was jammed!

A really cool way to engage consumers in an experience with a brand that they may have never really considered. Loved it, and even more importantly, it made me re-think the brand as a part of pop culture. Great work.

Ohh...there were samples too! Hadn't tried a Red Bull in years.

What's your experience? Jim

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