Thursday, March 4

South Beach Miami Always Delivers

I'm down in South Beach Miami for the AAD Convention (American Academy of Dermatologists). I decided to tack on a couple days in advance to get a break -- we could all use one of those every now and then. It's been a busy six months I have to say.

I love South Beach. I come almost every year or so and it totally replenishes my soul. There's just something about the combination of city life, beach scene, Latin culture, high fashion, great food, and friendly people that just completely fills my tank. Can't get enough of it.

And I always come away from South Beach with a renewed vigor to eat healthy, to exercise more, and try to be more and more creative.

For me, South Beach has become a brand. I have a certain expectation for what I am going to get out of my experience, and it always delivers. There's no place like South Beach on the planet, so for me it's a completely unique brand like no other.

I'm sure we all have our own "South Beach" -- I hope that your favorite "destination brand" always delivers for you too!

What's your experience? Jim.

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