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Adrienne Bavar is a dy-na-mo at one of my agencies, ShopPR. I totally rely on her to keep me abreast of celebrity pop culture. She's got a major (maj-a) discovery that she is dying to tell us about.

What's your experience, Adrienne? Jim.

I’m a self-professed pop culture princess. I love reading about who the celebrities are dating, what they’re wearing, and where they’re dining. My celeb IQ meets Mensa-like standards. So, you can imagine my excitement when I learned there’s a new digital game show (no TiVo necessary) devoted to celebrities, beauty, and fashion…introducing Starlicious.

Starlicious, is the first ever digital game show combining the competitive and addictive nature of Jeopardy with the content of Access Hollywood and Us Weekly. Tapping into one America ’s largest passion points or dare I say pastime– celebrity, Starlicious rewards contestants for their pop culture knowledge. Yes, my (and the rest of the world’s) obsession with celebrity is finally paying off.

Holy Perez Hilton, this is deliciously brilliant!

I haven’t gravitated towards digital programming in the past -- the shows are too short, updated infrequently, and the ads are disruptive. Starlicious is only 15 minutes long and the sponsors are creatively integrated via various forms of branded entertainment. I actually enjoyed the P&G “Star Duo News” and Progressive “Quotes” –- they made me laugh and provided a seamless experience.

So do you know what reality TV family runs the boutique Dash? That's ok if you don't know -- the CGI animation, the contagious Starlicious jiggle, and the adorable host all make it worth the time spent online.

Check out the first episode:

If you guessed the Kardashians to the above question, you were right. Otherwise…You’ve been Paparazzied!

Please note, I also subscribe to the WSJ and NYT :)

- Adrienne Bavar from ShopPR (hey, that rhymes!)

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