Tuesday, March 9

Thoughts from the AAD

Just got back from the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) conference in Miami South Beach. The organization has a conference once a year and it's a pretty big deal in the industry.

No sign of a recession here. With over 20,000 attendees and every major brand in the dermatology space, the place was jumping. And Miami was sold out! Restaurants, hotels, clubs, shopping, you name it.

As a marketer, I attended the exhibitors' section where all the major brands have booth space so that dermatologists can visit and learn about the latest developments in products and services. The place was packed, as you can imagine.

We had a number of clients with a strong presence there, I was quite proud of them. Particularly because each one of them offered such a unique presentation to the industry, totally in keeping with the character of their brands.

One client had the "it" bag that everyone was talking about. Perfect because the product is brand new and we are trying to get the word out.

At another client's booth, you could get your picture taken with Marilyn Monroe - a fun technique to drive visitors to the area.

Yet another client had beautiful photos of skin, showing the "after" results of the techniques, while another had their beautiful product line expertly displayed to showcase the breadth of the products.

All with exceptional branding to the medical community and expertly executed. A true showcase.

The winner for best booth in my mind? My alma mater, Johnson & Johnson. All the various brands were grouped together in a gigantic space. You really got the sense that the company is committed to dermatology on both the prescription and OTC side. The booth was like a mini-city with tons of space to mingle, sit, talk, read. Very spacious. But also each brand had its distinct day in the sun to tell its story. Neutrogena, Aveeno, Renova --- you could visit each brand within the J&J "city" and really spend time getting to know it. Beautiful job, and chocked full of specialists ready to educate.

Winner for best product? I have to say all the innovation in laser technology. For aesthetic purposes as well as for real medical issues like burns and scars. The developments in these areas are life changing and inspirational. Very moving.

All in all, an amazing meeting and a wonderful experience seeing everyone in the industry together. Doctors and marketers networking --- sharing ideas, exchanging information, improving our industry.

What's your experience? Jim

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