Tuesday, March 30

Whoopi Goldberg for Poise

Have you seen the new campaign for Poise featuring Whoopi Goldberg? There is an entire series of YouTube videos and then a compilation that runs on broadcast television. The campaign is brilliant!

Poise is a pad for women with incontinence, a condition that few women want to admit, few women want to talk about, and honestly few women can even relate to. The term is scary in and of itself. Well Whoopi just made it not only easier to admit and but also a lot easier to talk about.

Poise talks about "LBL" -- light bladder leakage. Whoppi calls it a "spritz" -- something that happens to 1 out of 3 women when they laugh, sneeze, are caught of guard, etc. She uses historical women to highlight the problem and to describe it.

I have some experience in the category from when I worked on Serenity back in the day at Johnson & Johnson. It's a huge emotional issue, and most women don't realize that the slight leakage they experience is totally normal.

Check out the Poise campaign on YouTube with Joan of Arc, The Statue of Liberty, Eve, The Mona Lisa, and more. You'll love the executions and you'll also realize that this little problem isn't the incontinence that you imagined.

Here's the video of Whoopi as The Mona Lisa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhwdjvaQNy4&feature=related

Then when you visit the website (poise.com), you meet real women talking about their own LBL. You quickly get the point that a lot of women deal with this and that it's really no big deal. Nothing to be ashamed of, and something that should easily be discussed ...

... thanks to Whoopi and Poise.

What's your experience? Jim.

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