Thursday, April 8

2010 DTC Perspectives Conference

I'm in the midst of attending the 2010 DTC Perspectives Conference in Washington DC. I think this is my fourth year counting, if I have the math right. It's a wonderful opportunity to catch up with colleagues, to stay abreast of industry issues, and to make new connections. It never disappoints.

And this year is no exception. Two incredible speakers yesterday offered perspectives we don't often get to hear live and in person.

Howard Dean spoke about healthcare reform. Did you know that he's a doctor? During all the Vermont and New Hampshire hoopla back in the day, I somehow missed that little factoid. He has inserted himself in the middle of the healthcare debate and is quite vocal. Interestingly, most of the attendees are in favor of the reform (we actually did a live poll), so it was enlightening to hear strong (and I mean strong) opinions from the other side.

Also at the podium was Sir Martin Sorrell (CEO of WPP) for a little speech and q&a. He spoke a great deal about marketing around the globe and across channels, particularly digital.

There are a number of other speakers as well, from clients and suppliers and government agencies all shedding light on the industry from their perspective. I am happy to say that I'll be speaking at the next conference, OTC Perspectives in May! :)

The magic comes in the connections made, however. The networking breaks, the cocktail party (thanks to Elizabeth at Greater Than One), and the impromptu chats. Staying connected to the industry and to the people who make it thrive. Gotta love marketing.

Many thanks to Bob Ehrlich and his team at DTC Perspectives!

What's your experience? Jim.

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