Friday, April 9

Bulldog Reporter PR Summit

I attended the Bulldog Reporter PR Agency Summit yesterday held at the AMA conference center in NY. Pretty cool conference space in Manhattan, by the way.

I sat on a discussion panel about how to generate new business. I was one of three agency Presidents talking about how we go about growing revenue. Kind of boring stuff, actually, because I'd rather talk about our work. And the creative process. And the incredible marketing results that we get.

Ahhh ... I think that's the point. When you focus on the work, and the process that your team goes through to generate the work, then the financials take care of themselves. Totally over simplifying, but stay with me.

When you are able to spend the time needed to produce really strategically sound creative ideas that will grow your clients' brands, then your agency business will grow too. Your work will be stellar, it will get noticed in the marketplace, it will get results, and more clients will come to you to nurture their brands. Especially when it crosses media boundaries from traditional to innovative.

We are living it right now. We have a client that just nine months ago we managed one brand in their portfolio. Now we are managing three. Just based on the work that my team has done there. Strategically sound work that is delivering results.

Because of deadlines, priorities, and overly full plates, it's tempting to rush through the creative process to get ready for a client meeting, and then not spend the time needed to produce good work. Make creativity the priority!

Creative work that breaks through and connects with consumers so that they can connect with each other. That's what marketing is all about .... and that's what grows brands and agencies.

And when you do REALLY good work that stands out, then you stand out ... and get more work!

I love speaking at these conferences, partly because it's great to connect with others in the industry and partly because it allows us all to spend time thinking through what really drives our business.

What's your experience? Jim.


  1. Jim, your comments and those of your colleagues were anything but boring. You and the others laid out some terrific principles that any PR agency executive can profit from immediately. I can see why you'd rather talk about LT's excellent work, but there's definitely room for and value in a bit of practical, proven new-business theory.

  2. Thank you so much, Jim ... appreciate it. I really enjoyed being there. Jim