Friday, April 30

I'm Sorry

We've had a wave of "public apologies" lately, from all walks of life. From celebrities, sports figures, religious leaders, brands, politicians, you name it. I suppose we've all done things that we are sorry about, but the order of magnitude and the publicity surrounding it all has gotten a bit out of control.

Of course these folks have no choice but to apologize in public, because they have chosen occupations that put their lives on public display. If they don't apologize they are wrong, and when they do apologize they are still sometimes wrong.

It's actually just a part of the course of marketing a brand. Sometimes you have to deal with a brand in crisis, and there are lots of professionals who have wrote the book on managing it. I've always maintained that a brand in crisis should behave consistently with its core equity, and always be honest. And always come clean, ideally ahead of the story and ahead of the media.

Although admittedly, some of the apologies become more about excuses than really feeling heartfelt sorry. "I'm a sex addict" comes to mind. Not judging, just observing pop culture.

My colleague Maureen Lippe sent me this great article about all the apologies of late. It's worth a read.,b9C9Bq6h

What's your experience? Jim.

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