Wednesday, April 14

KFC Double Down

When I first heard about the new bread-less sandwich from KFC called Double Down, I was only half listening ... so I mistakenly assumed that it was part of the brand's (and the country's) movement toward healthier food. I instantly figured that without the bun, the sandwich would have less carbs, less calories, and be more healthy.

Wow, I should have listened more carefully the first time around. I couldn't have been farther off!

Sure the KFC Double Down has no bun. But not because of calorie or carb cutting, it's gone because they wanted to make more room for the meat.

It's basically two hunks of chicken with cheese, bacon, and sauce in between. The meat is the bread! This isn't about being healthy -- double the meat, so there's no room for the bun. Comes in fried or grilled versions.

OMG. Not sure what to say. The calorie and fat count is not that different than other fast food indulgent options, although the sight of it isn't appetizing to me. But if this is what you are into, then the brand is giving it to you. They have a test market in Providence to prove its appeal.

In an era of "Eat This, Not That" and sugared sodas being pulled from schools, it just feels a little counter-culture to me, and not the best of all food choices. I'm just saying.

What's your experience? Jim.

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