Tuesday, April 27

Lane Bryant "Banned"

If you've been following the advertising trade press in the last week, then you've heard the controversy surrounding the "banned" television commercial for Lane Bryant's new plus-size lingerie line.

If you have not seen the spot, you can watch it here: http://family.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474978198211

I'm sorry, but it's a great spot. Shows that beauty not only comes in all sizes, it comes from having a spirited attitude. It's the kind of commercial that I would want my kids to see ... maybe not my little kids, but I wouldn't mind my older kids seeing the confidence that comes from being comfortable (and sexy) in your own skin. I hope that they grow up with that same spirit.

Now the drama behind whether ABC (and Fox) banned the spot or asked for revisions or is applying a double standard ... only those folks know for sure what the real story is. It is pretty sexy, but then again so is a whole lot of other content, commercial or otherwise, in the same proposed time slots. I find it hard to believe that television executives, in this day and age, would be so callous and stupid, but then again many things still surprise me. I'd rather believe that it was all just some sort of misunderstanding.

Either way I'm glad that the spot is getting noticed, and I hope that the new product line does well. I applaud the sentiment of the brand, and wish it well.

The funny thing is that the lingerie line is called Cacique, which actually is a brand that has had a former life. It used to be a separate line of intimate apparel, ala Victoria Secret. So on top of everything else, this is a brand reinvention and a good one at that!

What's your experience? Jim.

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