Tuesday, April 20

Texts from Target

Promotional texting was made mainstream, in my mind, by American Idol. The show was the first high profile "brand" to really embrace their audience's texting behavior and weave it into the fabric of the experience. It was a run away hit and others have followed suit.

Of course that was back when most of the texting was done by teens. Texting has now hit the mainstream over the last two years, crossing generations beyond just the young. It's estimated that 85% of adults have a mobile phone, and most of them use texting at least on occasion. It's not just for teens anymore -- even my parents send a text once in awhile!

Although it may seem like it's taken forever, retailers are now about to jump in, big time. The ever-so-fashionable Target just announced the first major retail initiative around coupon texting.

By simply enrolling in the program online or via text, consumers can receive up to 5 scannable coupons sent to them via text each month. When you get to the check-out, the attendant will scan the code off of the mobile device.

Couldn't be easier, and couldn't be smarter. And coming from Target, it makes total sense as a part of the brand equity -- Expect More, Pay Less!

What's your experience? Jim.


  1. Very cool and the tech world continues to evolve.

  2. Some Starbucks locations lets you scan your Starbucks card with your mobile phone, and I've used my phone at Food Emporium to scan their card.

    OchoLoco has been sending text coupons, however you weren't able to scan in at the respective establishment.

    Anyway, I love text coupons!

  3. There are a lot of great marketing opportunities and other functionality that these high resolution displays facilitate. For some time now I've been able to get my American Airlines boarding pass as a 2D matrix scannable code on my phone's display. When will AA join the offer-a-discount crowd by way of my phone?