Tuesday, April 6

Tupperware and Reggie Bush

Like never before, it's important for brands to think hard about choosing a celebrity spokesperson. What seems like a great match can literally explode overnight. If you've been watching any of the celebrity headlines the last few months, then you know exactly what I mean. But in the end, it's all about making sure that there is a sound strategic match between what the brand stands for and how the celebrity presents to the public.

My colleague Jessica DiPietro from Lippe Taylor found a very interesting celebrity-brand pairing that could prove to be quite successful.

What's your experience, Jessica? Jim.

Choosing a brand spokesperson or celebrity partner is one of those strategic decisions that companies spend hours arguing over and discussing. Not only does it come down to budget which can be exorbitant but marketers also need to worry about a celebrity’s morals. But if you hit on the right partnership, the media coverage and buzz can increase ten-fold.

I just recently saw one of the most unlikely partnerships yet!

Tupperware has signed on Football star and Superbowl champ, Reggie Bush to promote their Quick Chef product. In my head I was thinking what does a “guy’s guy” have to do with a brand that is so clearly targeted to women and moms. It brought me back to when Joe Namath did a commercial for Hanes pantyhose which did not get the best of reviews. (note from Jim ... you just dated yourself, Jess!)

But when you dig a little deeper, it’s clear that this out-of-the-box thinking is exactly what could help grow sales of the brand. The premise: Quick Chef is so easy to use that even Reggie Bush can make amazing salsa, dips, etc. In fact, it’s so clever that this campaign could target both men looking to make quick meals as well as women looking for their husbands to be as good in the kitchen as Reggie Bush.

It’s definitely received its fare share of media already which is how I first learned about the campaign – Reggie Bush on Rachael Ray making salsa using the Tupperware Quick Chef. Does it get any better? It made me go right online to learn more about the product and I have to admit that I might even buy one.

Congratulations Tupperware! Reggie Bush is one perfect cook and media hook.

- Jessica DiPietro, EVP at Lippe Taylor Brand Communications


  1. If he had named it "Reggie's "BUSH chopper" ", it would be a whole lot HOTTER! (and probably dudes would buy it)