Thursday, April 22

Using Social Media To Get Home

Since most of our social media outlets are still relatively new, many of us are still sorting out how best to use them. We are reconnecting with old friends and colleagues, keeping up with industry trends, staying in touch with pop culture, and for many -- marketing businesses.

But then when a crisis hits, I think we see the true value of social media in very personal ways.

When air travel was halted just recently due to the volcano in Iceland, the social media networks almost instantly lit up. Stranded travelers were communicating with each other, notifying loved ones, connecting with others who were also stranded in the same locations, and ultimately finding creative solutions for getting home. All on social media, particularly Twitter which tends to move at lightening speeds.

One of the most populated hashtags on Twitter was #getmehome --- where people were trading ideas and sharing information on how to get any form of transportation. Carpools were being formed and "real" information was traded in real time.

Stranded travelers were also using online and social media tools to contact transportation providers so as to avoid the long waits on the toll free numbers.

Amazing. Tools that were not available to us just a short time ago during other times of crisis. And an incredible way to find people in similar situations and bond together with them to solve a problem.

Adding true value to our lives.

What's your experience? Jim

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