Friday, May 28

Big Frontier Event in Chicago

Yesterday I attended a Big Frontier event in Chicago, the folks who organize networking breakfasts for marketing professionals in the Chicago market. People from all sorts of industries gather to share marketing thoughts and challenges, and get the chance to meet new faces.

I was the new face yesterday, and I led a discussion about brand experiences. It was so much fun!

We had a great turnout, and everyone was so engaged. I made my speech more of an interactive discussion, inviting everyone to talk about their own experiences about their own brands and about what they see in the marketplace.

A true test of marketing being both a team sport and a spectator sport.

We talked about BP, Lady Gaga, Jiffy peanut butter, the church, and various cars -- all in the context of their brand successes and challenges.

At the end, a young woman came up to me who had just graduated from DePaul University. She told me that she learned more about marketing in the last hour than in the fours years in college. That's the power of a group of smart marketers banding together to talk about great brands, and how to learn from them and each other.

Thanks to everyone who came yesterday, and for your energetic participation.

What's your experience? Jim.


  1. Jim was a terrific speaker who generated a lot of enthusiasm in leading a group conversation. We'll be posting video of his event on our website:

  2. Thanks for coming out Jim! Loved the audience interaction, I learned a lot. I hope to see you speak again some time