Monday, May 24

CEW Beauty Awards

On Friday I attended the CEW Beauty Awards -- it's the annual awards given by the Cosmetic Executive Women organization, recognizing outstanding beauty products across all categories.

The event was fabulous. Held in the grand ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and hosted by Mario Cantone, who was hysterical. There were a bunch of celebrities there giving out the awards, including Kim Kardashian who is a beauty award unto herself!

What I thought was so cool about it was the range of beauty products represented and recognized. From mass products like body washes to specialty prestige products found only in exclusive retailers. The whole range was there and completely respected.

I sat next to a beauty editor from "O" Magazine, and we tracked all the winners and tried to guess who would win before each award. Needless to say, she killed me in the guessing game! She knows her stuff about beauty!

The organizers even gave out an "Indie" award to the beauty product created by an entrepreneur (as opposed to one of the big publically traded companies). A clever way to make sure that everyone gets the recognition they deserve.

It was also fun to catch up with friends from my days in marketng at Johnson & Johnson, when the beauty group there was in its infancy. Now with Aveeno, RoC, Clean & Clear, and Neutrogena, that company is a powerhouse. Nice to see that!

What's your experience? Jim.

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