Tuesday, May 4

Louis Vuitton On Top

The economy has hit many of our brands pretty hard, across all sectors. You might find it surprising, though, that many of the luxury brands have continued to do quite well.

A colleague sent me this really interesting list of the top ten luxury brands and how they have weathered the economic storm. It's important to note that several of the brands actually grew during the recession, which is a bit hard to believe. How? By staying true to their brand and giving their core consumers exactly what they want.

One of my personal favorites, Louis Vuitton, tops the list again. Hard to believe that a brand with such high price points would still be doing well, but the brand has a loyal following that continue to gobble up the core product lines.

Louis Vuitton is an amazing brand that has such a strong heritage yet is able to stay modern and relevant. The designs are a mix of classic with cutting edge along with true functionality. The shopping experience is so special, unique from city to city, yet all true to the brand. Not for everyone, for sure, but for loyalists, Louis Vuitton is their brand.

Evidently they have supported it well.

You can view the top ten list here: http://fashionista.com/2010/04/the-worlds-most-powerful-luxury-brands/ to get a full recap of the state of top luxury brands. It's a good read.

What's your experience? Jim

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