Friday, May 7

The New Mother's Day Card

Leave it to Hallmark to reinvent the Mother's Day Card!

In conjunction with its latest made-for-tv movie "Meet My Mom" which debuts tomorrow, Hallmark has added a tab to its Facebook page where "friends" (or I guess now "likes") can upload video testimonials about their moms. The tab has been up for quite a few weeks now, and has already been populated by many a military service-person, among many other sons and daughters.

A much more modern way to acknowledge and pay tribute to your mom. And a great example of leveraging one marketing asset ( tv movie) towards another (facebook page) as part of our culture (mother's day) within the core essence of a brand (making an emotional connection with a greeting card).

Bringing a classic brand and an American tradition into the age of social media.

Happy Mother's Day!

What's your experience? Jim.

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