Tuesday, May 11

"O" Ten Year Anniversary

Got my haircut over the weekend and had a chance to breeze through some magazines, a luxury that I don't often get anymore.

One of the magazines was the tenth anniversary of "O", Oprah's magazine. I don't read the magazine with much regularity, although I do enjoy it from time to time. I have to say, this issue was pretty darn good.

It was filled with guest contributors, each of whom gave ten tips on their chosen topic. It was such an easy read, and really helpful with tons of advice on health and home and relationships ... all things Oprah. The Oprah posse was all present including Nate Berkus and Dr. Oz, along with other surprise guests like master pastry chef Ron Ben-Isreal (whom I have met several times and is by far and away the most talented cake maker on the planet).

Along with all the articles were promotions for live events to celebrate the tenth anniversary as well. Like the Mother's Day walk in NYC to "Live Your Best Life".

An incredible mix of helpful editorial, great advertising (or course), and live events. Plus a few mentions of online content as well. A true celebration.

Just one element of the Oprah brand, all seamlessly working together to create an amazing brand experience.

Congratulations, "O"!

What's your experience? Jim.

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